Peter (Australia)

Good Lesson!

Lesson was very engaging. I was surprised how well Mr. Pham used the lesson time. From start to finish not a second was wasted. I feel that with Mr. Pham’s help, a native English speaker such as myself can really learn Vietnamese.

Zachry ( US)

First-Rate Teacher

I began learning Vietnamese with Mr. Thanh in preparation for a year of study in Ho Chi Minh City. I was a bit skeptical at first about learning the language online, but it proved to be very effective and worthwhile. I started taking weekly lessons with him in late 2009 and continued my studies with him throughout the following year. When I had more time I learned with him daily. This teacher is very flexible in scheduling lessons. He is very dedicated and passionate about teaching Vietnamese. He takes you through the basics and makes learning the language fun! His lessons are always well-prepared and consists of reading and listening comprehension as well pronunciation exercises. I received a lot of feedback after every lesson and learned what my strengths and weaknesses were. His encouraging attitude and positive reinforcement motivated me to learn the language even more.

Monica ( WashingtonDC)

Very good and accommodating vietnamese teacher

Very good Vietnamese teacher. My schedule was a bit uncertain but he was very accommodating and was willing to change at a moments notice. The curriculum itself is effective and goes at a consistent pace. Due to the fact its a personal class Thanh Pham did a good job of suiting the class to my needs and my level. Would definitely recommend this teacher to anyone.

mark wang( South Korea)

Highly recommended teacher

Thanh is a very effective teacher of Vietnamese who, in the ten one-hour lessons that I have had so far, has made me realise that it is possible to learn this difficult language. Thanh’s lessons are packed full of exercises, pronounciation practice, new vocabulary and revision of past lessons, providing an opportunity with each lesson of increasing one’s understanding of the language. Furthermore, his methodical teaching style follows a consistent logical structure which takes the learner step by step through the basics, and each lesson builds on the previous one.

Patrick McAllister( New Zealand)

Most excellent patient Vietnamese language teacher

I have met with Thanh Pham twice a week for the past 9 weeks and have most excellent experience. we use skype on internet for classes. I am first time student of Vietnamese language, and believe I am making good progress.

Thanh is very patient and provides very useful learning materials to support studying after session is over. I have always received immediate feedback whenever I submitted questions regarding a lesson. The language is a challenge to learn, it is not easy, though Thanh has me believing it is possible to learn with his guidance. I highly recommend Thanh and his associates for your Vietnamese language instruction.

sincere regards,

-Ric in texas, usa

Useful lessons!

I believe that Mr. Thanh is the best of any Vietnamese tutor I have had. He has a system of teaching many aspects of Vietnamese that I need. He is also very patient and kind with me.


Jeremy W.(England)

Good teacher

He is the best teacher! I learn something new each lesson and he is very patient and such a good teacher to help with my Vietnamese. Each lesson includes pronunciation for the phonemes and tones, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and speech. He make me confident in learning. I feel my Vietnamese is more and more improving now.


Good Teacher

I have never thought that online learning Languages might be useful as learning in person. But now I realize I am wrong.
This is the first time I learn Vietnamese online. It is amazing learning with this teacher. He is so patient and experienced.
He offered the excellent way, I can learn listening, speaking, reading comprehension….He made me confident.
I wish I had met him earlier… Learn Vietnamese with him and you will recognize his good teaching.
Thanks a lot
Bongsuk (Korea)